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Cruise lines face the immense challenge of managing disparate vendors, purchases, and devices across their fleets. Not only is this expensive and time-consuming, but the complexity of ensuring that all these systems can communicate with each other is compounded by every new technology.

Sourcetoad specializes in abstracting communications between various vendor-systems and refining them into a single, unified API. Using their custom onboard ship management system, they facilitate onboard service purchasing, passenger WiFi access, media streaming, kiosk syncing, analytics reporting, and much more.

Through simplifying and unifying technology, the Tampa-based firm helps cruise lines increase their passenger revenue, unlock operating profits, and reduce future expenses. Find out more about Sourcetoad’s cruise line expertise.

About Sourcetoad

Sourcetoad is a custom software engineering company based in Tampa, Florida, and Perth, Australia. They are experts in delivering web and mobile applications, desktop software, and even smart TV interfaces to the cruise industry. Sourcetoad’s domain expertise in cruise software has helped their clients launch complex projects around shore excursions, hotel booking, onboard management, and customer-facing web and mobile applications.