Below you will find the challenge overviews, relevant technical details, and the prize associated with each challenge. You will have an opportunity to meet with the challenge companies on Friday of the event to learn more and receive the data you will need. The best overall solution across all four challenges will receive our $3,000 prize.


Sourcetoad Challenge

Sourcetoad is a technology consulting and software development company based in Tampa, Florida, and Perth, Australia. Sourcetoad’s domain expertise in cruise software has helped their clients launch complex projects around shore excursions, hotel booking, onboard management, and customer-facing web and mobile applications.

Sourcetoad will be providing an “open build” challenge where developers will have the option to take advantage of their cruise line data and industry knowledge to build whatever they’d like. Using the data set is not mandatory.

The data set consists of cruise ships in the world, ports that these ships go to, and the coordinates of many of those ships. They see potential opportunities to leverage this data in the form of a consumer facing platform to enhance the destination cruise experience and an internal tool for cruises to better understand their fleets.

Some other topics of interest to the Sourcetoad team and the cruise industry include:

  • The effect limited internet bandwidth has on the passenger experience and how to deal with intermittent, expensive connections.
  • Offshore experiences for passengers on destination cruises.
  • Passenger baggage tracking.
  • Tracking and managing the sale of one-day passes for docked cruise liners.

Tech Details:
Data will be delivered in CSV format.
No limits on scope, tech, or challenge.

Challenge Prize:
One evening aboard the Yacht Starship, including dinner. Up to 6 people.

SaltBlock Challenge

Salt Block Catering came to life as a “Scratch Made” kitchen and over the past 3 years has grown into what they are today, a locally sourced and thoughtfully crafted full service hospitality group providing catering, venue, and hospitality management.

SaltBlock’s client facing reps spend over 70% of their time vetting clients. Clients, who often don’t know exactly what they want for their event, expect a personalized, high touch relationship with their hospitality company. This translates into the SaltBlock team spending countless hours gathering information, educating clients on their options, guiding them through menu’s, creating proposals, and then adjusting these proposals all while bouncing from event to event. After this entire process, there is still a chance these potential clients could back out after seeing the proposal.

Your challenge is to build a solution that creates an engaging, brand-conscious experience for prospective clients that also saves the SaltBlock team time at the top of their sales funnel.

Tech details:
Event and catering data will be delivered in JSON.
SaltBlock brand content will be available.
Solution must live up to modern design standards for web and mobile.

Challenge Prize:
An all-inclusive party for your team and up to 10 friends at Franklin Manor in Downtown Tampa.
A complimentary cocktail party for 25 people at your home or office.


Fitlife Foods Challenge

Fitlife Foods launched in Tampa Bay in 2011 and has been providing healthy, delicious, and convenient meals to our community ever since. Now with 15 locations and offerings ranging from in-store pickup, to delivery, to subscriptions, Fitlife is spreading their artisan, health conscious meals to people who strive for greatness across the state of Florida.

This summer, Fitlife added their meal packages subscription where customers can sign up to get healthy meals delivered to their door regularly. Fitlife does not have a way to easily track their buying groups over time, causes of customer churn, or their customer lifetime value. Gleaning these insights will help Fitlife to proactively prevent subscribers from giving up on their dietary programs, increase customer renewals, and determine the ideal customer acquisition cost.

Your challenge is to use Fitlife’s current customer data to create a solution that will help them to understand their customer buying groups and make strategic decisions about retention, renewal, and customer acquisition cost.

Tech details:
Data will be delivered in .xlsx and .CSV.
This solution should be capable of receiving and storing additional data over time.

Challenge Prize:
Hundreds of dollars in Fitlife meal credits as well as Fitlife insulated coolers, Nalgene bottles, and swag.

CRG Challenge

Ciccio Restaurant Group measures its success through repeat customers and a strong culture amongst its team members. Responsible for 13 concepts including Tampa staples Fresh Kitchen, Daily Eats, and Ciccio Water, CRG has become one of the most innovative and scalable hospitality companies in Tampa Bay.

CRG has seven restaurant concepts that span 13 locations. Each concept offers its own unique catering offering. In its current form, there is no central place for potential clients to learn about all the CRG catering offerings and easily place an order online or contact an individual restaurant. Communication between the client and the individual restaurant is silo’d through a catering representative at the restaurant who often struggles to gather all the client information, create the custom proposals, and get it to the cooking staff in a timely fashion. This can leave the restaurant staff with extremely short notice for prep. All the while, the client is in the dark on the progress of their order.

Your challenge is to create a solution that simplifies the catering process for the many CRG concepts. The solution should minimize friction and communicate clearly with the customer while helping the catering reps and cook staff better understand their clients to be prepared to meet their order.

Tech Details:

The CRG catering process and all of the catering menus have been added to drive.

Challenge Prize: 

$250 gift card that is valid at all CRG locations.